Кот-ученый (livejohan) wrote in ru_jabber,

Проверка на невидимость в джаббере?

Кто что думает по этому поводу?

UPD: По ходу действительно боян, но боян малоизвестный.
Security Considerations

For security concerns related to privacy lists, refer to RFC 3921. Care must be taken regarding privacy lists, especially so that visibility/invisibility rules do not overwrite existing rules the user has set for the sake of security and privacy; for details, see the Implementation Notes section of this document.

It is important to recognize that invisibility can be defeated without more advanced privacy lists than those defined above and an awareness of context on the part of a client. For example, if a user usually logs in as the same resource (e.g., "Home"), a contact can send an IQ request to that resource's full JID using Last Activity [3], Service Discovery [4], Entity Time [5], or Software Version [6] and receive a reply, thus providing information that reveals the user's availability. In addition, Last Activity requests sent by a subscribed contact to the user's bare JID will normally reveal the user's availability as well. To help ensure that the user's invisibility cannot be defeated in this way, the user's client SHOULD add IQ blocking to the relevant privacy list. Finally, the user's client SHOULD NOT return "is-composing" events as defined in Message Events [7] or Chat State Notifications [8].

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